silence is empty, filled with breaths from mouths that never move no more

►Richard Walters - Elephant in the room                     ►Richard Walters - All at sea  
                                how heavy are my hands?  
                                        they're heavier than blood
                              that rushes to my head as I will walk away from here again
                                    how heavy are these words, heavier than time
                   that rushes past your face as you would turn to
                                                                         walk away again
melkein vuoden vanha kuva.                              
sanoja en oikein saa aikaan.                               

2 kommenttia:

  1. okei mua naurattaa toi kuva :------D oi aikoja.

  2. mikä mun naamaa vaivaa......................

    mut voi ihana venla ja moskuuuuu
    ja sie


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